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When discussing home insulation services, eventually every client asks us about radiant barrier insulation. And while radiant barrier foil products certainly have their use, they aren’t the end-all maintenance solution many think that they remain.

While many insulation products aim to prevent energy from escaping outdoors, radiant barrier products perform the opposite service. When attic foil directs heat, radiation, and light from the sun back to where it came, it allows you an easier way to keep your house comfortable.

At All Year Insulation, we offer fast and affordable radiant barrier installations that keep your attics cooler, more comfortable, and help prevent structural concerns. Not only will you notice a drop in monthly heating and cooling costs, but you’ll see all of your rooms stay at more consistent temperatures.

For the best attic foil services throughout the Houston, TX, area, you won’t find a better contractor team than ours. Call now and receive the attic protection your house deserves today.

Radiant Barrier Houston

The usual house built within the region likely doesn’t use enough radiant barrier foil in their attic. While other insulating products stay equally important, it’s the lack of radiation protection your home needs the most.

Traditional products can get applied directly to areas that need them, but your attic foil surfaces must get used as intended to achieve the best results. Otherwise, you are paying for expensive products that only make your place more uncomfortable.

Whichever products will maintain a more consistent annual temperature, you can rely on our team for them all. Call us now and schedule the best in local insulation solutions for:

radiant barrier company houston texas

  • Single Sided Attic Foil
  • Double-Sided Attic Barrier Foil
  • Roofline Barrier Installation
  • Foil-Faced Attic Insulation
  • Multi-Layered Foil Systems
  • Residential Insulation Service
  • Commercial Insulation Applications
  • And more professional barrier installations.

No matter how much square feet you need coated or how hot your attic remains, we guarantee a better result when you choose our team. See why we stay the trusted company for more area homeowners today.

Which Product Do I Need?

One of the most significant mistakes a homeowner can make is selecting the wrong product for their needs. When you put up a barrier in an area that is already relatively efficient at blocking heat, it won’t offer much more protection than before.

If you can’t find a way to reliably know that an area is draining you of controlled temperatures, then you likely need to have us conduct an initial inspection of the room. Once we dive into your attic, we can discover where the issue exists as well as which items work the best.

Attic walls likely need single or double-sided foils to keep out sunlight, heat, and radiation efficiently. If the problem occurs from the top of the roof, however, you probably need to line the ceiling with barriers.

No matter what items you need us to install or where they will achieve the best results, you can count on our staff to always have a practical solution each time. See why we continue helping more area buildings than any other installation team around.

Why Radiant Barrier Foil Installations?

Many people find out that their attic spaces stay muggy and hot day after day. However, the typical remedy is going to your nearest hardware retailer to pick up some cheap foil products to apply.

While they do offer some insulating properties, many products sold in stores stay too lightweight to provide any significant changes. Even after applying as much as you can, it still isn’t enough to prevent energy from escaping through roofs.

Instead, we provide industrial strength insulation products that always leave your home better sealed off from the outside. And with experienced installation experts such as our team, you never need to worry about whether or not your products got handled correctly.

Hiring us means providing your attic with the highest level of care possible at lower costs. Make your attic insulation needs simple today and choose us for your buildings.

The Difference between Radiant Barrier Paint and Radiant Barrier Foil

Let’s get some facts straight: there is no such thing as radiant barrier paint.

The term “radiant barrier” is supposed to describe products that reflect over 90% of radiant energy, and these paint products simply cannot do that. The term radiant barrier has been misconstrued by the people who install the paint and it’s essentially like trying to call a hamburger a prime steak; it’s misleading and simply not truthful.

For the record, both the radiant barrier spray paint and the radiant barrier foil will reflect (i.e. not emit) radiant heat. However, the fine print exists when the best available radiant barrier paint can only reflect about 75% of the radiant heat transfer. Meanwhile, the radiant barrier foil will reflect 97% of the radiant heat transfer.

Radiant barrier foil is actually the best radiant barrier you can use; you can either install it yourself or hire a professional installer who uses our foil insulation.

Radiant barrier spray-on paint is essentially liquid foil. While not all radiant barrier paints are the same, basically they are made by grinding pure aluminum into a fine powder and then mixing it into clear paint. Once the clear paint dries the aluminum powder forms a layer of aluminum.

The best radiant barrier spray spray is only available to commercial contractors, and is an environmentally safe, water-based low-e paint called HeatBloc-75, Radiance e.25 or Lo/MIT. When the paint is installed correctly, it will reflect about 75% of the radiant heat and can be a very good product.

Getting good results with radiant barrier paint assumes a couple of things:

The rafters are being sprayed completely (this usually costs more when you get an estimate).
The paint is being applied with the correct coverage (many contractors put it on either too thin or too thick).
The paint is not diluted. There are some contractors (even large ones who advertise heavily) that will cut* the paint with water in order to extend the coverage. *Cutting is when water is added to paint; it is cheating to cut costs.

As a result, the true effectiveness of radiant barrier paint installed by many contractors is really only about 15-40% reflectivity. The typical consumer can’t tell the difference between a good installation and a poor job without testing.

Radiant barrier paint spray is not a good Do It Yourself (DIY) project. The fumes are noxious, you must use a VOC respirator, a high-end airless spray rig, the proper size spray tip, and the proper pressure to get correct coverage and eliminate clogging. Forget about painting with a roller because it is impossible since there are thousands of nails sticking through the roof deck; additionally, using a paint brush to manually paint it on would take forever. Most people who try to do it themselves will actually blow too much paint. It’s obvious that radiant barrier foil is not only a better product, but a better deal for your home and your budget.

Radiant Barrier Foil Contractor Near Me

One of the most annoying aspects of hiring contractor services is knowing if they remain convenient to your location or not. Too often, a service provider advertises Houston contractor coverage, only to learn that it doesn’t apply to every community.

Instead, we still work tirelessly throughout the area, assisting more businesses, homeowners, and other residents with their insulation service needs. No matter what applications or products that will leave you better protected from the sun, you can rely on us for perfect results each time.

See why more families throughout the region continue turning to us for help. No one leaves more houses throughout the city better protected for less, including in:

Wherever a building stays in need of our help, that is where we will go next. See why no one else secures more attics around like we do every day.

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Why Hire Us?

When using fiberglass insulation, it matters less which side is facing which direction. However, radiant barrier foil products rely on proper installations or else they won’t do much of anything at all.

While you may find some cheap attic foils sold in stores, they don’t offer enough protection for daily use. After a few short months, they already begin to peel away, unable to hold up to the heat.

Instead, we offer superior products and more efficient installations, outperforming any other company or Do It Yourself project. When you need to know your attic stays secure, we are here for your call.

See why we’ve stayed the preferred choice for many for the last eight years of service. No one gets better results faster than our team.

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In the hot Houston summers, you’ll be glad that you took steps to insulate your attic areas better. Choose All Year Insulation today for your best foil insulation.

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