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What Insulation is Best for Me?

attic insulation company houstonFiberglass insulation comes in two forms:  blown-in and batt.  If you choose blown-in it can be added on top of existing attic insulation that may have settled over the years or can be installed from scratch after an insulation removal service has been performed. This is an economical and reliable insulation solution. Fiberglass batt insulation is the traditional type of roll insulation you most likely have in your attic now.  This is a tried and true option especially if your insulation is old, rotted or ineffective in keeping your home comfortable.

The home insulation experts at All Year Insulation can discuss with you the best course of action that will fit your needs and your budget.

spray foam insulation houstonOffering both open and closed cell foam insulation, All Year Insulation is the leading Houston insulation company to call if you want this type of attic insulation installed in your home. It completely seals your attic and/or walls from the outside providing structural integrity to your home and fills all gaps as an added bonus. The R-Value of Spray foam is phenomenal and the difference is literally night and day.  Open-cell foam is usually used in walls and for sound proofing as well as insulating, whereas closed cell is primarily used in roof systems to seal the attic and maximize the savings on your electric bill.

Spray foam insulation is by far the top of the line treatment for your attic.  

houston radiant barrier foil companyOne of the most widely used forms of radiant heat barriers in the country. Radiant barrier foil insulation is very affordable and generally can be installed in about one day. That’s why it’s a favorite among homeowners and contractors alike!  Cities nationwide are now recognizing the importance of radiant barrier and have now mandated the use of this product on new home builds due to it’s effectiveness.

Radiant barrier foil an be installed in a multitude of ways, making it ideal for quick home remodeling projects or roof repairs. This material will NOT interfere with any existing insulation and roofing components. Once it’s installed, you’ll barely notice it’s there. Radiant Barrier Foil reflects 97% of the Sun’s heat EVERY time!  All Year Insulation is the only company offering a lifetime warranty on this product.

If your house is older than 10 years, it might be best to start fresh and get rid of that old insulation all together. If that is the case, All Year Insulation can come to your home and remove all the old insulation (and any critters that may have made your attic their new home) and properly dispose of it so your home is ready for a new application by our team of professionals.

By removing the old insulation not only do you get a fresh new canvas to start a new insulation installation, but any mold that may have accumulated over the years from moisture penetrating your attic is also removed, leaving you with a clean slate to start fresh and new!

Proper Insulation Benefits

Save Money on Utility Bills

There is no doubt one of the best ROI's on properly insulating your home is the savings on those electric bills. We have seen anywhere from 20%-50% reduction on a home's electric bill after purchasing one of our insulation services

Make Your Home Comfortable again

If your home tends to be drafty and you are always either too cold or too hot, insulating your home will gretly affect that and make your home comfortable again

Reduce Allergens from Getting in Your Home

Airborne illnesses can be stopped at your door with the proper insulation treatment to your home. The better the seal on the outside , the less chance of those allergens getting in your home and affecting your family's health

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