All Year Insulation FAQ

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Below you will find answers to the most asked questions we get in our business.  If your question is not answered, please feel free to call or contact us.

Radiant barrier foil reduces the attic temperature approximately 35 degrees in the summer.  That means the HVAC system runs approximately 30%-35% less, therefore reducing your utility bills approximately 30%

The city code requires each new home built to have R-38 insulation in each attic. R-38 in blown fiberglass is 14 inches thick. In existing homes, we suggest that each home be brought up to that minimum code amount of 14 inches of blown fiberglass.

Attic insulation should be removed when pests living in the attic and created an unhealthy environment with waste. In addition, if there has been any fire, water or smoke damage it is a good idea to remove it and start fresh. Finally if the insulation has been there for so many year s that it has lost its thickness and effectiveness.

Closed-cell foam when applied, immediately turns hard and becomes water resistant as well as rejects heat. When applied to your roof system, it will reinforce your attic structure and thus prolonging the life of your roof system.

Open-cell foam when applied, does not become hard, but more like a thick breathing sponge-type insulation which also works similar to fiberglass insulation, but with better performance by slowing down heat infiltration.  Both are great sound blockers.

A typical home will take only a few hours depending on the conditions of your attic. At the most it will take up to a day. We also provide a FREE energy analysis to all customers.

ABSOLUTELY!  We offer a 25 year warranty on material and a 25 year warranty on labor for all of our radiant barrier installations to your home.

Each home will vary in price based upon the size of each home and the square footage of the space to be insulated and the thickness of the insulation required to bring you up to the standards. Give us a call to get your free custom quote.

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