Don’t Go Up In Flames By Getting Cheap Insulation in Your Home

dont be cheap when buying insulation for your home

Not all insulation is created equal. Some of the cheaper insulation on the market today could cost you your home, literally, in the future if you don’t pay attention to a few details when buying insulation.

When we consult with clients we hear that so-and-so said they can do the insulation job for “this” price. To that we always tell our clients to be careful what you spend on insulation. You will, 90% of the time, get what you pay for. Personally, we would rather have attic insulation that won’t catch fire and burn our house to the ground. You just never know when you cut corners to save a buck.

But that is exactly what happens if you don’t watch, learn and know what is being installed in your home.

Of the various types of attic insulation let us just start off by saying that when it comes to attic insulation, cellulose is a fire retardant paper product that can still catch fire. Yup, you heard that right. One of the issues is that insulation can have issues around light fixtures and electrical outlets.

An excerpt from “Fire Fighter Nation”, an authoritative blog from our bravest servicemen states:

“The borate treatment gives the cellulose insulation a very high fire safety rating in terms of combustibility. From a safety standpoint, that’s good news. As a line firefighter trying to deal with a fire in cellulose insulation, that’s not so good news. The low combustibility of the cellulose makes it easy for fires to start, but the fire retardant treatment doesn’t allow them to grow quickly, so they can continue to smolder. Dealing with a smoldering fire in cellulose insulation in attics and walls can be very challenging for firefighters, because our newer technology isn’t always reliable when investigating these fires.”

You can read the full article here… CLICK HERE

When recess lighting is installed make sure it is IC (Insulation Contact) rated. If not, NO insulation should come within three inches of the fixtures for safety purposes.

All spray foam insulation sold in and around the U.S. contain flame retardants to insure they are safe for your house. Having this type of insulation installed in your attic is a rock solid choice for maximum protection, but it also costs more than conventional insulation.

Fiberglass insulation either batt style or blown fiberglass attic insulation is a great solution. It’s a noncombustible insulation and is not flammable. The U.S. made brands used by All Year Insulation and Insulation is rated for fire safety. It is cost effective and will last for a long time before you have to ever mess with it again.

If you are in the beginning stages of or middle part of a home construction or remodel project, make sure that you or your contractor are using fireproof insulation, otherwise your investment could go up in smoke, literally.

In conclusion, we at All Year Insulation prefer that you, the customer, be as informed when making an purchase for something that will likely be up in your attic for 25 years or more.

We want to give you our assurance that we have done our homework and that we will make sure that we use only the best insulation products in your attic.

Whether you choose blown fiberglass, spray foam, radiant barrier foil or any of the other many options we offer, we are sure your home will be much more comfortable, safe and help you to reign in those high utility bills so you can save that money for more important things like your family!

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